black plastic HDPE pipe and fittings 


  1. Reliable Join. The PE Pipeline System Is Joined By A Hot-Melt Socket And Butt Fusion Joint, Which Has High Strength.
  2. Ability To Dampen Water Shock.
  3. Strong Resistance To Stress Cracking.
  4. Excellent Chemical Corrosion Resistance
  5. Aging Resistance, Long Service Life.
  6. Good Wear Resistance. The Wear Resistance Of The PE Pipe Is 4 Times That Of Steel Pipe. In The Field Of Mud Transportation, PE Pipe Has Better Wear Resistance Than Steel Pipe, This Means That PE Pipe Has A Longer Service Life And Cost-Saving.
  7. Good Flexibility. The PE Pipe Is Easy To Bend. Such Flexibility Of The PE Pipe Can Reduce The Required Quantity Of Pipe Fittings And Installation Costs.
  8. Low Flow Resistance. Polyethylene Pipe And Fittings Have A Smooth Inner Surface, With Manning Coefficient Is 0.009, Which Ensure The Smooth Flow.
  9. Easy Transportation. Pe Pipes And Fittings Are Lighter Than Concrete, Galvanized, And Steel Pipes, Which Makes It Easy To Construct And Install, And Have A Lower Cost On Labor And Equipment Requirements.
  10. Variety Construction Methods. Besides The Traditional Excavation Methods,  HDPE Pipe And Fittings Can Also Be Applied To New Non-Excavation Techniques.
  11. Broad Application Temperature: -40 To 60 Degree C (-40/140 F). Which Makes HDPE Pipe And Fitting Can Be Applied To The Most Project Environment.

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