plastic water pipe-upvc pipes

upvc water pipes


  • Indoor water supply systems for civil and industrial buildings
  • Underground water supply system for residential blocks and industrial plant areas
  • Urban Water Supply pipeline system
  • Water Treatment Plant Piping System
  • Water mains installation
  • Piping works for electrical purposes
  • Piping works for construction
  • Sewerage and pipework
  • Piping works for telecommunications
  • Piping works for shaft sinking
  • Salt water conveyance works
  • Piping works in chemical plants
  • Piping works for paper mill
  • Piping works for brewing and fermentation plants
  • Piping Engineering for electroplating plants
  • Agricultural Irrigation projects
  • Garden pipework
  • Pipework at mines
  • Piping works for aquaculture
  • Plastic Rafts for fishing
  • Golf course engineering
  • Highway Piping Works
upvc pipe

Features of upvc water pipe

  • light weight, easy handling: UPvc Water Pipe is light, the weight is only 1/6 of cast iron pipe, which is easy to transport, load, unload, and construct. Transportation and installation costs are low, Saving cost for 30% comparing with cast iron pipes.
  • Chemical resistance. with good acid, Alkali, chemical corrosion resistance, good resistance to electrical corrosion, the use of pitting will not occur.
  • Fluid resistance is small: The inner wall of the pipe is smooth, does not scale, the head loss of the same caliber pipe is 30% lower than that of cast iron pipe, high efficiency fluid transportation.
  • High Mechanical Strength: The tensile strength of the pipe can reach more than 45Mpa, water pressure strength, external pressure strength, high impact strength, suitable for all kinds of piping engineering.
  • good electrical insulation: With Superior Electrical Insulation, suitable for wire, cable conduit, Construction Cable Pipe.
  • NON-TOXIC SANITATION: In line with drinking water standards, the delivery of water from secondary pollution, widely used in tap water pipes.
  • Easy to install: use adhesive bonding or elastic sealing ring connection.
  • Long Life service: under normal working conditions, the service life can reach more than 50 years.
pvc pipes

UPVC water supply pipes joint method

  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Socket rubber Ring Connection
  • Flange Connection
plastic pvc pipe and fittings

Description-upvc water pipe

TEE PIPES’S UPVC Water pipes are made of a macromolecule material, polyvinyl chloride as the main material, with high-performance processing AIDS, and are molded by high-speed extrusion, the pipe has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, small flow resistance, energy saving, quick installation, low cost, etc. . TEE PIPE has produced PVC-U pipe and fittings, in the process of production adding high-efficiency and excellent heat stabilizer, green environmental protection, to ensure the sanitary properties of pipe materials, it is widely used in municipal buried water supply, building water supply, township water supply, agricultural irrigation and Drainage, electricity, communications and other protective sheathing, chemical anti-corrosion and transportation of other fluid, etc. .

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upvc water pipe specifications and catalog

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