plastic PVC PIPE-upvc DRAINAGE pipe

upvc drainage pipe


  • For above and below ground use
  • discharge wastewater underground from a building to the public sewer system.
  • extract excess water from irrigation or rainfall in agriculture lands.
  • In agricultural lands that have been salty or alkaline for various reasons.
  • around buildings, bridges, roads and …
  • on sports grounds or recreational areas
TEE PIPE brand upvc drainage pipe

Features of upvc DRAINAGE pipe

  • Tough, impact resistent.
  • Superior chemical and acid resistance, which is the Ideal material for building drainage and sewage.
  • Resistance to water and soil chemical salts.
  • Outstanding mechanical properties of tensile strength and resistance to pressure.
  • long shelf life compared to cement or clay pipes.
  • Light weight and easy transportation.
  • Easy and very fast pipe construction and installation.
  • Flexibility
  • UPVC Pipe fittings are light and durable, easy to transport, installation, and maintenance.
UPVC plumbing pipe TEE PIPE BRAND

UPVC DRAINAGE pipes joint method

  • Solvent Weld 
  • Rubber Ring Joint
  • Push fit joint

cutting the upvc pipes

While cutting TEE PIPE’s UPVC drainage pipes, the instructions should be followed as below:

  • Use appropriate pipe cutter or saw.
  • cut pipe square and perpendicular to it axis.
  • remove all burrs from the cut end and bevel the sharp cutting edge, after cutting pipes.
UPVC plumbing pipes

Description-upvc drainage pipe

TEE PIPE’S PVC-U Pipe And Fittings For Drainage Is An All-Plastic Product Made By High-Speed Extrusion Or Injection Molding, Using 100% Virgin Upvc And High-Performance Processing AIDS.  TEE PIPE Supplies A Range Of UPVC Drainage Pipe For Above And Below Ground Use With Full Range Of Fittings In Both Solvent Weld And Rubber Ring Joint For All Sizes.

All UPVC drainage pipe and fittings is available on request.



upvc drainage pipe specifications and catalog

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