plastic PVC PIPE-uPVC Cable Duct Pipes

upvc cable pipe


  • Electrical and power network cables coverage
  • Coverage of telecommunication cables
  • construction industry pre-buried through the wall, cable buried, etc
  • concrete encased and direct burial applications of power utility, street lighting, and distrubution systems.
pvc cable pipe

Features of upvc CABLE DUCT PIPES

  • compression resistant: TEE PIPE’S electrical UPVC conduit wall with thickness more than 1.6 mm, which can withstand pressure more than 750N , the pipes can be installed or laid in concrete, without damaged by pressure.
  • anti-impact, heat resistance: UPVC cable duct pipes in the concrete pouring process, by the normal tamping impact will not break, and in the construction process by the role of heat does not soften.
  • moistureproof, acid and Alkali resistant: UPVC electrical cable pipes moistureproof acid and Alkali resistant performance is excellent, will not rust, all the joints according to the provisions with PVC adhesive bonding, waterproof infiltration into the pipe, moistureproof is better, therefore in the corrosive environment is also conducive to use.
  • Flame retardant
  • insulation: UPVC Electrical Duct has excellent insulation performance, in immersion AC2000 V, 50 HZ will not breakdown. In the prevention of accidental electric shock, the international trend is better than grounding insulation.
  • Anti insect and rat: Because of the addition of special additives in PVC electrical piping, the pipe has no peculiar smell, preventing insect and rat bite damage.
  • Easy construction: the pipes less than 32 mm diameter can be easily cut off with a pipe cutter, and the corresponding special spring can be inserted in the conductor pipe, which can be artificially bent to the desired angle at room temperature, the PVC adhesive can quickly and easily connect the lead pipe to the pipe of the desired shape.
pvc electrical conduit

UPVC CABLE DUCT Construction method

UPVC cable pipes is Insulation, flame retardant, joint by PVC adhesive bonding. The instructions are as follows:

  1. UPVC electrical pipe cutting: Appropriate Pipe Cutter Or Saw. cut the UPVC Cable pipes into the required length. the cut should be flat, and smooth.

  2. Joint between UPVC cable pipe and fittings: Keep the adhesive surface clean. Apply adhesive to the outer surface of the insertion end of the pipe and the inner surface of the socket of the pipe fitting. After about one minute, insert the UPVC pipe into the pipe fitting and fix it firmly.

  3. the bending of the UPVC Cable pipe: With the Appropriate specifications of the bending pipe spring, inserted into the pipe, pipe bending should pay attention to the following points:

-the springs of the Appropriate specifications supplied by TEE PIPE should be used, and the specifications should not be confused, otherwise the springs and pipes may be damaged.

-bending should be done slowly.

-do not force the elbow to retract before the spring is removed to prevent damage to the spring;

-when the spring is not easy to take out, it can be taken out when the side of the spring is rotated counterclockwise and pulled outwards, and the outer diameter of the spring shrinks;

-under temperature below 0 °c construction,  cloth can be used to bend the pipe repeatedly friction, in order to its appropriate temperature and bend.


Description-upvc CABLE DUCT

TEE PIPE’S PVC-U cable pipe is a kind of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe, which is made of PVC-U resin as main raw material and extruded with various stabilizers, anti-aging agents, impact-resistant agents and other auxiliaries


upvc Insulating Electrical Pipes specifications and catalog

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