sprinkler pipe system

Sprinkler irrigation is a kind of irrigation method which uses water pump and pipeline system or natural water source to spray water in the air, disperse water droplets or form mist falling on plants and the ground.

A complete sprinkler pipe system usually consists of sprinkler, pipe network, head and water source.

Irrigation Pipe

Sprinklers are used to disperse water into droplets that are sprayed more evenly over the planting area as if it were rain.

Sprinkler pipe network

Pipe Network: Its role is to transmit pressure water and distribute it to the planting area where irrigation is required. It is made up of pipes of different diameters, including main pipe, branch pipe, capillary pipe and so on. The Pipe Network of modern irrigation system uses plastic pipe with convenient construction, good hydraulic performance and no corrosion, such as PVC pipe, PE pipe, etc. . At the same time, according to the need, some safety devices in the pipe network should be installed, such as inlet and exhaust valve, pressure limiting valve, drain valve and so on.

sprinkler irrigation pipe 

Sprinkler Head

Its role is to take water from the source, and water pressure, water quality treatment, fertilizer injection and system control. Generally include power equipment, pumps, filters, fertilizer applicators, pressure relief valve, check valve, water meter, pressure gauge, and control equipment, such as automatic irrigation controller, balance pressure variable frequency control devices. The number of first equipment, visual system type, water conditions and user requirements have increased or decreased. Such as in the use of urban water supply system as a source of water, often do not need a pressurized water pump.

Water Source

Water Source includes Well Springs, Lakes, reservoirs, rivers and urban water supply systems which can be used as spray irrigation water sources. Throughout the growing season, the water supply should be reliable guarantee. At the same time, the quality of the source water should meet Standard for irrigation water quality.

connection fittings

The connection fittings are used for the connection of pipes and sprinklers. These parts, flexible connection is required especially while under pressure in the joints should not be leading, the pressure should be able to get automatic drainage, connection and opening processes should be easy, should be abrasion resistant.

pipe connection 


Fixed Sprinkler System-

All components, except sprinkler heads, are fixed throughout the year or irrigation season. The main pipe and branch pipe are buried underground, and the nozzle is installed on the vertical pipe connected by the branch pipe. Easy operation, high efficiency, less land, and easy comprehensive utilization (such as fertilization, spraying pesticide) and automatic control of irrigation. But needs the massive pipe material, the unit area investment is high. It is suitable for irrigated Cash crop areas (such as vegetable growing areas) and high yield crop areas.

sprinkler system  

Semi-fixed Sprinkler System-

Sprinkler, pump and main pipe fixed, and branch pipe and sprinkler can be moved. It can be moved by manual moving, rolling moving, end-pulling by tractor or winch, power rolling moving, Capstan moving and self-walking circular and translation moving driven by small engine. Its investment is less than fixed sprinkler system, sprinkler efficiency is higher than mobile sprinkler system. It is often used in field crops.

Portable Sprinkler System-

Besides water source, power machine, pump, main pipe, branch pipe and sprinkler can be moved, so it can be used alternately in different plots in a season of irrigation, which improves the utilization ratio of equipment, and May Save the unit area investment, but the work efficiency and the automation degree is low. In common use type, some are the power machine and the water pump installs on the handcart or the hand frame light, the small-sized sprinkling machine, its sprinkling head installs on the portable tripod, connects with the water pump through the hose; Some are small sprinklers with pumps and sprinklers mounted on tractor, driven by the power output of the tractor, and some are double cantilever sprinklers mounted on large and medium tractors. Portable Sprinkler systems are suitable for field crops and small plots with less frequent irrigation. In addition, in conditional area, still can develop from pressure sprinkler irrigation. The utility model has the advantages of simple equipment, convenient operation and low cost.

irrigation sprinkler pipe  

sprinkler pipe system characteristics

  • Water Saving: Sprinkler Irrigation pipe system can control the amount and uniformity of water sprayed to avoid producing areas The loss of surface runoff and deep seepage makes the water utilization ratio greatly improved. Flood Irrigation Water saving 30% to 50% , water saving also means to save power, reduce irrigation costs.
  • Labor saving: Sprinkler Irrigation is convenient to realize mechanization and automation, which can save a lot of labor. Because of the cancellation of the field aqueduct, not only conducive to mechanical operations, but also greatly reduce the amount of field work. Sprinkler irrigation can also be combined with fertilization Chemical Fertilizer And Pesticides, and can save a lot of labor, according to statistics, Sprinkler irrigation requires only a fifth of the Labor of surface irrigation.
  •  Improved land use: Sprinkler Irrigation can make better use of arable land than surface irrigation, with no need for irrigation ditches and ridges, and can generally increase the area under cultivation by 7 to 10 per cent.
  • YIELD INCREASE: Sprinkler irrigation allows for strict control of soil moisture and maintains soil moisture within the optimum range for crop growth. And in spray irrigation can wash away the dust on plant stems and leaves, conducive to plant inhalation and photosynthesis. In addition, sprinkler irrigation can keep the soil pellet structure, make the soil loose and porous and aerate well, which is beneficial to increase yield, especially for vegetables.

sprinkler pipe system 

  • ADAPTABILITY: Sprinkler Irrigation is adaptable to all kinds of terrain. It does not need to level the land like surface irrigation. It can be done on sloping land and undulating ground. Especially in the thin soil layer, permeability strong sandy soil, very suitable for the use of sprinkler irrigation. In addition, sprinkler irrigation can be used not only for all field crops, but also for all types of Cash crop, vegetables, and pastures. Sprinkler irrigation has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. Mainly is the investment expense is big, moves on the present condition Sprinkler system 50 Yuan/mu. The other is affected by the wind speed and climate, when the wind speed is more than 5.5 m/s (equivalent to 4 class wind) , it can blow away raindrops, reduce the uniformity of sprinkler irrigation, not suitable for sprinkler irrigation. Secondly, when the climate is very dry, the evaporation loss increases, will also reduce the effect.

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