PE Gas Pipe

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  • Material: PE 80 or PE 100
  • Pressure Rating: SDR17.6, SDR11
  • Size: full 20mm through 630mm availability
  • Standard: GB/T15558.1-2003
  • Colors: black with yellow stripes

DN PE80 PE100
SDR17.6 SDR11 SDR17.6 SDR11
20 2.3 3.0 2.3 3.0
25 2.3 3.0 2.3 3.0
32 2.3 3.0 2.3 3.0

Polyethylene is the ideal natural gas pipe material for use in distribution systems for the following reasons:

  • Leak-free joints. PE4710/PE2708 pipe is joined using heat fusion technology, eliminating potential leak points. These fused joints are as strong as the pipe itself leading to long-term, leak-free operation with little-to-no maintenance.
  • Extended strength and service life. PE4710 pipe demonstrates higher tensile strength than PE2708 pipe. This higher tensile strength, combined with its superior durability, enables PE4710 pipe to have higher pressure ratings, longer HDD pull lengths, and a longer design life than other piping materials.
  • Excellent durability. PE4710/PE2708 pipe resists damage and degradation from a variety of operating and environmental conditions. PE4710/PE2708 pipe exhibits resistance to many chemicals and solvents, including those commonly found in the natural gas distribution system. WL Plastics PE4710/PE2708 pipe meets ASTM D2513 UV resistance requirements for pipe storage in the most demanding environments.
  • Light material weight. PE4710/PE2708 pipe weighs less than alternative metallic materials. As a result, it is safer to handle and easier to load, transport, and position, which further reduces installation costs.
  • Long laying lengths. PE4710/PE2708 pipe is available in a variety of standard coil lengths, all of which offer long, uninterrupted distribution systems. This design allows for greater ground coverage without the need for additional joints, significantly reducing the potential for leakage, the cost of materials, equipment, and labor needed for installation.

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