plastic pvc pipe-pvc-m pipes

pvc-m water pipe

pvc-m pipe APPLICATION

  • Indoor water supply systems for civil and industrial buildings
  • Underground water supply system for residential blocks and industrial plant areas
  • Urban Water Supply pipeline system
  • Water Treatment Plant Piping System
  • Water mains installation
  • Piping works for electrical purposes
  • Piping works for construction
  • Sewerage and pipework
  • Piping works for telecommunications
  • Piping works for shaft sinking
  • Salt water conveyance works
  • Piping works in chemical plants
  • Piping works for paper mill
  • Piping works for brewing and fermentation plants
  • Piping Engineering for electroplating plants
  • Agricultural Irrigation projects
  • Garden pipework
  • Pipework for mines
  • Piping works for aquaculture
  • Plastic Rafts for fishing
  • Golf course engineering
  • Highway Piping Works

Features of pvc-m WATER pipe

  • Light weight and easy handling: PVC-M density is 1.35-1.46 kg/cm3, it is easy for handling construction, which can save construction cost.

  • Excellent toughness and impact resistance: compared with ordinary PVC-U pipes of the same specification, the impact resistance was significantly improved, and it could resist point load and uneven settlement of foundation more effectively.

  • The PVC-M pipes have low Fluid Resistance. excellent resistance to acid, Alkali and corrosion. The PVC-M pipes have smooth walls which is suitable for the envrironment of acid, Alkali and corrosion. The PVC-M pipes are very suitable for chemical industry, Waste Water Drainage, Sanitary sewer, etc. .

  • Without affecting the water quality, the PVC-M pipes have good watertightness. The PVC-M pipes have good watertightness no matter using the loop socket or TS joints. The PVC-M pipes can keep work with water pressure for many years, Eliminate Potential Leak Points.

  • Construction is simple, improve construction environment adaptability: PVC-M high impact water supply pipe has superior impact resistance and good toughness, can effectively adapt to construction environment, construction is quick and simple, therefore construction cost is low.

pvc-m WATER pipes joint method

  • Small diameter pipe joint method: bonded by adhesive
  • large diameter PVC-M pipe join method: Socket rubber Ring Connection
  • Flange Connection and threaded connection for joining the PVC-M Pipes with other material pipe and fittings.

Description-pvc-m WATER pipe

TEE PIPES’S the PVC-M pipes have been physically modified to enhance the ductility and anti-cracking of PVC materials, and have better toughness and high bearing capacity. It can be widely used in water distribution pipe network, industrial production pipe network, industrial sewage, urban and rural drainage and irrigation systems. The PVC-M pipes produced by TEE PIPE are made of lead-free formula. The products have passed the test by the State Plastic Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other authoritative organizations.


pvc-m WATER pipe specifications and catalog

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