plastic pp PIPE-ppr Pipes used in cold & hot water system

ppr pipe


  • Cold and Hot Water Supply System Pipe Network, heating system pipe network, for residential, airport, hospital, hotel, office, school and ship facilities.
  • transport pipe network for food, chemical, electronic and other industrial , used for the transmission of various types of corrosive fluids (like: acid, alkali waste water and ionic water, etc.)
  • Delivery Pipe Network for purified water supply system, beverage and mineral water production line.
  • Chilled water networks for air conditioning pipe, central air-conditioning pipe network.
  • industrial compressed air pipe network.
  • pipe network for Swimming Pool facilities.
  • Pipe Network for Solar Energy Facilities and Rainwater utilization Systems.
  • agriculture, Garden water irrigation system pipe network.
ppr green pipe

Features of ppr pipe

  • Corrosion Resistance, no pipe scale.
  • Less noise flow rate than traditional pipes.
  • non-toxic, good sanitation: the PPR pipe can be used for portable water and Food Industry Pipeline Systems.
  • high temperature resistant, excellent heat retention: PP-R pipe softening temperature is 131.5 °C, under long-term continuous working pressure, can transport hot water with temperature up to 90 °C . The  coefficient of heat conductivity of PPR pipe is about 1/200 of metal pipe, which can reduce the the heat loss.
  • Smooth inner wall with low flow resistance:  Compared with the same inner diameter metal pipes, the flow volume by PPR pipe can be increased by more than 30%.
  • High mechanical strength: PP-R pipe toughness, impact resistance, mechanical strength, especially good fit for low temperature, high temperature environment.
  • Lightweight, easy installation and reliable joint.
  • Recyclable, benefit to the environment
  • Wide ranges for PPR pipe and fitings for selection:20-160mm.
ppr green pipe cold hot water pipe

how to join the ppr pipes

The PPR pipes are mainly joined by hot melt socket welding, the detail steps as follows:

  1. Pipe cutting: use special pipe cutter or pipe scissors to cut the pipe vertically, the cut should be flat, no Flash, deburring.
  2. clean: Clean the welding part of the pipe and fittings, it is recommended to clean it with 95% alcohol.
  3. Hot Melt preparation.
  4. the Pipe fitting insert die head without rotation, the pipe fitting insert to the line, the pipe fitting insert to the die head boss, after the heating, the pipe and the pipe fitting are pulled out from the heat container without rotation immediately.
  5. Rapidly Insert the pipe into the pipe fittings vertically without rotation and keep for more than 5 seconds, and then cool down the pipe and fittings.
  6. after welding, please check the welding place, there should be two rings of uniform overflow at the position of welding end, overflow should not contain oil, impurities, the joint should not have obvious gap, otherwise need to re-welding.
ppr pipe welding

Description-ppr cold-hot water pipe

TEE PIPE’S PP-R (random copolymerized polypropylene) pipes and fittings are made of high-grade imported special raw materials. The production line are fully automatic imported advanced production equipment from Cincinnati, Austria.

All pipe passed the strict and perfect testing process within the company, products fully meet the requirements of the National Standard Gb/t18742.2-2002.

PP-R hot and cold water piping system has the advantages of low cost, long service life, etc. .

Using the hot melt welding technology, the safe water supply mode of “one time welding, never leakage” is realized.

and the problems such as easy leakage at the joints of other transitional water pipe products are solved, which is Suitable for portable water and industrial, civil construction and other industries, the more ideal water pipe, the utility model can be widely applied to the pipes for cold and hot water, clean water, pure water transmission, gas, tap water distribution, aquaculture, food, beverage, pharmaceutical factory, etc.

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ppr Pipes specifications and catalog

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